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Medical Issues

Administration of medicine

In the event of a child needing prescribed medication during a pre-school session, the supervisor of that session must follow the correct procedure and log information in the medication book, which is kept in the staff filing cabinet.

The following procedure MUST be followed in such a case:

  • Written permission from the parents/carers must be given prior to the administration of  medication.
  • ONLY prescribed drugs can be administered and ONLY if clearly labelled with the child’s name.
  • The medicine must also show the pharmacy label.
  • During the session the medicine will be stored in its original container, clearly labelled and inaccessible to the children
  • When the supervisor administers the medicine a record must be taken of:
  • The child’s name, date, parent permission signature, name of medication, reason it is required, time of last administration, amount to be administered and at what time, staff signature, witness signature and parent signature at the end of the session.

First Aid Kit

The pre-school will ensure that all members of staff have a current paediatric first aid training certificate.

It must be Local Authority approved and relevant for workers caring for young children.

The pre-school supervisor will ensure that the first aid equipment is kept clean, replenished and replaced as necessary.  Sterile items will be kept sealed in their packages until needed.

There is an appropriate kit for taking on outings.

Asthma Policy

Chelford Pre-school welcome all children with asthma

  • We recognise that asthma is an important condition affecting many children
  • We encourage and help children with asthma to participate fully in activities
  • We ensure children have immediate access to reliever inhalers

An “Administration of Medicine” permission form will be filled in and signed by the child’s Parent/carer. The”Administration Of Medicine” will also need to be signed each time the child’s inhaler has be used. Inhalers are named and kept in an unlocked draw.

  • We ensure the group environment is favourable to children with asthma
  • We ensure that other children in the group understand that asthma can be serious
  • We provide guidance for staff on what to do if a child has an asthma attack to ensure the child’s welfare in the event of an emergency
  • We work with parents of children with asthma to ensure that their children are in a safe,caring environment.

If a child has an asthma attack, parents will be contacted and asked to collect if the child appears unwell

We promote action by parents and practitioners to actively support the policy in the group.