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Collecting Children

Arrivals And Departures

Parent’s/Carers usually say goodbye to their child in the setting. A staff member will be on duty at the main door to welcome the children whilst another staff member ticks them immediately in the register and helps them to find their named ‘apple’. Parents and carers are then free to leave the building. The entrance door is locked after 5 minutes and entry can then only be gained by knocking on the entrance door.

A staff member will be on duty at the entrance door at the end of a session to ensure children do not leave without an adult.

Children will only be allowed to leave with those people nominated by their parents/carers on their registration form. If there is to be anyone else collecting on an occasional basis please inform a member of staff.

Children will not be allowed to leave with ANYONE who appears to be under the influence of drink/drugs.

Times of arrival and departure of both adults and children are recorded in the register.

Uncollected Child

In the event of a child not being collected at the end of the session, the child will be kept at pre-school and phone calls will be made to the child’s parents/carers and/or the relatives/ friends listed on the registration document.

If after half an hour we are unable to contact the parent/carer or any other authorised persons, Social Services will be contacted and their advice will be followed.