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Questions & Answers

Here are a small selection of questions commonly asked. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any more.

Q: What are the opening times of the pre-school?

A: The pre-school runs 2 sessions a day. These are from 9:15 – 12:15 and 12:15 – 3:15

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: A 3 hour session costs £13 for 2 year olds and £12 for 3 year olds.

Q: At what age can children start at pre-school?

A: Children can start from the age of 2.

Q: Do you accept children in nappies?

A: Yes we do

Q: Is there a uniform?

A: All children are given a pre-school sweatshirt when they start. Children are encouraged to wear these but it is not essential.

Q: What is the OFSTED rating?

A: In 2015 we were rated overall as good.

QDo you run an after school club?

A: Unfortunately we do not have any after school provision.

Q: My child is ill who should I ring?

A: It would be very helpful if you could ring 01625 860823 and let us know your child is not coming in. Staff are on site from 9am.

Q: I’m going on holiday, can I take my child out of pre-school?

A: You may take your child out of pre-school as often as you like. It is helpful to us if you could let us know of your holiday plans as soon as possible.