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Our daughter joined Chelford Pre-School immediately after her 2nd birthday, and for the two years that she’s been at the pre-school has absolutely loved it.  She’s made wonderful friendships with the other children and really enjoyed playing and learning with them.  The teachers have been wonderful and are extremely skillful at taking the children through the 6 areas of development for the early years foundation stage and making it great fun for them.   She’s more than ready and really confident about moving into Reception Class and we are so grateful to the staff at the pre-school for making her time at pre-school so special!”

Sue Swain

Both of my children attended Chelford Village Pre-School.  Hedley went from the age of two and formed friendships which he has continued into school. He loved going and became obsessed with pirates, treasure maps, telescopes and flags, this was encouraged, especially by Janet (who he loved)  and our house began to look like the Jolly Roger!!

During Hedley’s time at pre-school it moved from the village hall to the school, which was a great move. It is a lovely environment for the children with the field, school playground and the playground in the park only 5 mins away!

Sam Nightingale

Both my girls have attended Chelford Village Pre-School, my youngest is currently attending two and a half days a week, before moving to Peover Superior Primary in September. They have both loved going to the pre-school. They have learnt so much and I have felt so happy leaving them with such caring members of staff.

Sonya German

Chelford Pre-School provides a fantastic nurturing environment where the children are allowed to play and learn safely all day.  The staff care and look after every child as if they are their own and my children certainly prefer to be there than at home!

Kate Wadsworth

My son Harry is at Chelford Pre-School and I have nothing but praise for the staff there – professional, friendly, trustworthy and fun! They have really prepared him well for school and he has made many friends – wonderful!

Jo Whitby