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Special Needs at Chelford Pre-School

Katherine Bones and Gemma Jackson are our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators “SENCOs”.

We believe that our pre-school has regard to the “Special Educational Needs Code of Practice,” promoting diversity, individuality and inclusion for all children, ensuring that they have access to the curriculum, in an inclusive and caring environment.

Our “settling in” procedures are flexible so that we are able to support children including those with special needs. Our key worker system ensures that each member of staff is especially responsible for a small group of children so each child will receive plenty of adult time and attention. A graduated approach will be used to identify, access and provide for children with special needs. The staff will assess and support each child’s learning by referring to the “stepping stones” and planning an appropriate and varied curriculum that will help every child experience success, gain confidence and make good progress towards the early learning goals.

Working with Parents

Our SENCOs will work with parents to identify special learning difficulties and make good use of Early Educational Health Care Plans (EHP). Should concerns be raised, the pre-school will discuss with parents/carers and provide evidence by way of observations and records. The SENCO will discuss alternative strategies to meet additional needs such as altering activities and providing appealing special resources. The views of all children will be listened to and taken into consideration at all times. Special resources or extra support staff and funding will be, if necessary, sought with the help of our  “Area SENCO”.

Ensuring Appropriate Support

We are committed to working together with parents/carers and are willing to listen to background information, worries/anxieties and share concerns regarding additional needs. We will ensure appropriate support is in place once the SEN is identified and we will liaise with professionals (Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapist, Social Worker, Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Child Development Centres). The pre-school feel that it is important that support is continued when the child goes to school. We will need parent/carer consent in order to pass on relevant information.
Access to the building and toilet facilities is available for wheelchair uses.

If you have any concerns about your childs development please see Katherine or Gemma in their roles as SENCO.