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Managing the Pre-School

The pre-school committee is responsible for the overall management of the pre-school and is governed by the Pre-School Learning Alliance Model Pre-School Constitution 2011. The Committee is involved in everything from organising a summer fundraising event to negotiating with the landlord over the terms of the lease. The committee is the employer of staff in the pre-school so has overall responsibility for recruiting, training and developing staff. Good communication between the committee and staff is crucial to the smooth running of pre-school and so at least one member of staff attends each committee meeting.  The chair meets regularly with the pre-school manager to discuss curricular planning, staffing, finances, upcoming events and any problems that might occur.

The committee is made up of a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and we also have and a parent representative. Committee meetings are held at least once per term with the addition of an AGM held in July.

If you would like to get involved with the committee please speak to Katy Booth, any offer of help is very welcome.

Current Committee

All members of the Committee have children who have attended, are currently attending pre-school or have links with the Preschool.

Katy Booth – Katy is the Chair.

Sonya German –  Sonya is our Treasurer and also the pre-school accountant.

Sophie Young– Sophie is the Secretary.

Andy Brady– Committee member and Chelford Primary School head

Mardi Brown– Committee member and staff member